Our market presence—and our bright future—are rooted in a history of hard work, business innovation and success. Today, we’re broad-reaching and diverse, yet we remain true to the core values on which this company was founded nearly 100 years ago.

  • 19181918

    Metropolitan Coal & Ice founded by William Curran

  • 19301930

    Migrated to heating oil distribution as Suburban Oil Company

  • 19381938

    Started Curran Contracting Company in asphalt paving

  • 19611961

    Expanded paving business with the acquisition of Stahl Construction Company

  • 19741974

    Diversified into rail industry with purchase of Holland Company

  • 19801980

    Diversified into sod farming with purchase of Warren's Turf Nursery

  • 19851985

    Started Crossville Ceramics, the first U.S. producer of large unit porcelain tile

  • 19921992

    Holland Company expands with purchase of Lewis Rail Service

  • 19961996

    Curran Group sells Warren's Turf Nursery

  • 19981998

    Curran Group diversifies into paint finishing industry with purchase of JBI
    Curran Contracting expands with purchase of Skokie Valley Asphalt

  • 20002000

    JBI expands with purchase of Blu Surf

  • 20022002

    Holland purchases M-Bar-D

  • 20032003

    JBI merges with Blowtherm USA creating Global Finishing Solutions

  • 20042004

    Holland purchases E.O. Patton

  • 20052005

    Crossville purchases Peltier Glass

  • 20072007

    Crossville purchases The Finish Line

  • 20082008

    Holland purchases Industrial Metrics
    Curran Contracting purchases Royer Asphalt
    Crossville purchases Creative Metalized Products

  • 20092009

    Curran Group and Curran Contracting move into new headquarters

  • 20102010

    Crossville acquires Master Tile (Florida)

  • 20112011

    Curran Contracting establishes SMC Builders, Inc. in San Antonio, TX
    Curran Contracting establishes McGuire Aggregates, Inc.
    Global Finishing Solutions expands its manufacturing facility in Osseo, WI and relocates Monterrey, Mexico operations
    Crossville purchases Master Tile (Texas and Oklahoma)

  • 20122012

    Global Finishing Solutions expands its manufacturing and office facilities in Osseo, WI

  • 20142014

    Curran Contracting opens operations in San Antonio, TX

  • 20152015

    Holland acquires Bankhead Railway Services of Atlanta, adding thermite and electric welding to their capabilities

  • 20162016

    Global Finishing Solutions expands with the opening of its Center for Excellence

  • 20172017

    Following acquisitions of additional businesses, Crossville rebrands its 30+ distribution locations “Crossville Studios"

  • 20182018


  • 2021

    Curran Group acquires G.A. Blocker for Curran Contracting

  • 2022

    Matt Stillings, joins Curran Group as their new Chief Executive Officer